Whole Child Education

Up Close and Personal: A Look Inside Huaer Collegiate Preschool

Jacqueline Speer, Principal of Preschool

While there is a lot of uncertainty in the world today, I feel humbled that we are on track to open our research-based preschool that is worthy of the Huaer name!

Since the last post, all of the classroom furniture and resources for the preschool have arrived. We are also delighted to have all our teachers signed up, and I am on track to move to Kunshan at the end of this week.

Last Saturday, parents were treated to an additional stop on the tour of the school. Associate Principal of Preschool, Sharon Wan and I arranged a sample classroom for parents to see. Parents viewed a short presentation followed by a tour of the different learning areas.

The way we set up the classroom directly reflects the way we see children as capable and confident scholars. The educational visionary, Malaguzzi, once said that it is hard for teachers to act in opposition to the internal image they hold of a child. Malaguzzi contended that such an image “pushes you to behave in certain ways; it orients you as you talk to the child, listen to the child, observe the child.”

During the next few weeks, we will be busy setting up additional classrooms for our pre-nursery, nursery, pre-kindergarten, and kindergarten classes, ensuring that they exceed many of the world-renowned best-practice environment scales. While we are passionate about this stage of setting up a preschool, we can’t wait to observe one of our three-year-old scholars valuing a magnifying glass, clipboard, and marker as much as playing with Peppa Pig!

A heartfelt thanks to all the families for attending and allowing us the opportunity to express our passion and commitment to creating a hub of excellence where outstanding early years education is the norm!