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Speech under the flag of G8 scholars | To the extraordinary eighth grade

Transition from junior high school to high school,
Scholars have too many sentiments to express,
The campus bears too much joy and sorrow for them,
Let our classmates Bob and Thompson give you an affectionate speech farewell to junior high school.Time flies, in a twinkling of an eye we will leave the eighth grade, into a higher level of high school, there are so many memories in my heart, so many I don’t want to let go of this middle school life.

Remember the Sports day? All the athletes with their own efforts in exchange for class honor, and I can see not only the athletes in the field of valiant effort, I remember the sound of the cheers! When the referee blew his whistle; When the referee waved his high hand, I can see our tug-of-war athletes wearing that ferocious expression; All I can hear are the shouts of the students watching the game; All I could feel was the motivation of the whole class to go all out and persevere! We walked all the way, singing our song – unity!

I remember the talent show in my drama class. No lighting decoration, no music accompaniment, no gorgeous stage, we still danced, we still sang, we still enjoyed, we still laughed. Each of the students in the class showed his or her talents. Singing, dancing, and we played exciting interactive games. We are not musicians, but we can share our smiles; We are not dancers, but we can enjoy the applause of the students; We are not magicians, but we can feel the admiration of the students. We are only students, but because we are the sunny students from Grade 8, it makes our life full of laughter, full of passion, full of unity and struggle. We walk all the way, we sing all the way, singing the song that belongs to us – laughter!

Of course, the best thing to me are the sports activities here at Huaer. I still remember the first time I participated in the school basketball and football teams. The coach instilled the pure American basketball concept to us, taught us the tactics, techniques and, of course, the indispensable basketball philosophy, and convinced us that the team is the key to victory. Under the leadership of our coach, we worked hard and made progress. However, it was a little regrettable that the school-level competition we had scheduled was cancelled due to the epidemic, which left our team even more excited for the competitions of the future.

Of course in grade eight we still have made beautiful memories, we met for the first time, the enjoyed first collective Christmas, we shouted together happy New Year for the first time, we experienced water polo class for the first time, do you remember the first lifeblock? Giving your first speech?  Being interviewed for the first time?  This year has given us so many firsts and many good memories warming us like the rising sun.

Soon passed a year’s time, we will reach the 9th grade in a twinkling of an eye, this will be real high school life like in the United States, we will say goodbye to  junior high school, say goodbye to some of our youth,  of course, we will face more challenges in high school, school work will be more and more heavy, the pressure will be more and more challenging, but, with optimism, hard work, unity and resilience we will live up to the expectations of the school, We will run towards the rising sun, the middle school life and learning life of Grade 8 we will miss very much, I wish the best  for all of us who will move on to the next grade level of school  –Classmates, let’s celebrate our youth and Huaer to create an elegant melody together play an exciting song of high school !