Whole Child Education

Graduation Ceremony

2021  06·29  幼儿园毕业

Congratulations to Preschool Graduates

The word “graduation” derives from the Latin word gradus, meaning “to step.” This week, our kindergarten children marked the step away from preschool and embarked onto the next stage of their educational journey.

The children did not don academic regalia, which we believe is important to save for that significant step at the end of their school journey. The ceremony, though, marked how children without costumes, make-up, or fanfare stood strong, capable, and proud. This event had to be meaningful to the children in order to create a lasting memory of their very first graduation.

To signify our belief in parents as their child’s first and most important teachers, we invited each family onto the stage to accept the certificate with their child. It was important for us to acknowledge the integral role parents play in their child’s educational journey.

Parent involvement didn’t stop there. We invited all the children and parents back to the stage, where they joined hands with the teachers and danced, laughed, stomped, clapped, and filled the whole theatre with joyous energy.
A speech toward the end passed on five final gifts (words of advice) for parents to take with them as they departed from the preschool for the last time.

But the last word was from the children, who thanked their parents for supporting them during this memorable year at preschool.

2021  06·25

ElementarySchool G5 Moving Up Ceremony

Inspire Youth So Their Dreams Sail

The growth of G5 scholars from immature to youth was witnessed by parents, teachers and classmates. G5 scholars performed a wonderful talent show, which showed their achievements and gratitude. At the ceremony they took to the stage, received a certificate, and took a group photo, to mark their transition from G5 to G6. The move from elementary school to middle school means that they had completed a stage of challenges in their lives and are ready to face more challenges.

In HUAER Collegiate,the moving up Ceremony was not only a stage to show themselves,but also a gift for scholars. Every G5 graduate had received a letter from G6 scholars. The letter was full of blessings, tips for studying in middle school and wishes. On June 29th, the scholars who finished their Elementary school study under the guidance of G6 scholars, experienced a day in middle school to help them prepare for their study this summer and sail their dreams.

2021 06·28

Middle School G8-G9 Moving Up Ceremony

Dare to Seek and Soar Beyond

Time flies, recalling the founding year, sweat and laughter, mud and thorns had all turned into flowers and applause, witnessing this growth together. In the summer morning the scholars embarked on a new journey with full blessings from the teachers and parents. In September we will meet again on campus and continue to move forward and accept more challenges.

Reviewing the past, and looking forward to the future,the G8 Moving Up Ceremony was more serious and responsible in addition to joy and gratitude. On the campus of HUAER Collegiate, the G8 graduates will take on more responsibilities as seniors from this day on. They will be role models for junior scholars. They were required to exercise their abilities and develop their skills, continuously improve their academic, and participate in the construction of the community.