Whole Child Education

2022-2023 School Year, Letters from Principals



Solidarity: Growing Stronger Together

We are starting the third year since the founding of Dipont Huayao Collegiate School Kunshan. During Huayao Collegiate’s founding years, we not only established ourselves as a reputable school with a solid whole-child engaging curriculum but also as a learning community bound together by meaningful traditions. We have dared to soar beyond the plight of a global pandemic, seeking clarity through the uncertainty of many changes, while picking up new scholars, parents, and faculty along the way. Regrettably, we lost some during this staggering journey; still today, we walk on solid ground together, having drawn upon the strength of those who formed our community in the present.

Remarkable are we, HC! But rest not. Our highest challenge and ultimate conquest is yet to come. At the end of this third year in the history of our school, we will honor our first ever Huayao Collegiate graduates. The graduating Class of 2023 is HC’s Legacy Class. By definition, a legacy tremendously impacts, encourages, and leaves constructive pathways for future generations to trail. Accordingly, each legacy scholar is tasked with asserting their character and leading their life as a Senior example that the younger HC scholars behind them now and to come may proudly follow.

To hold the title of legacy is among life’s highest honors bequest on only the most extraordinary of people in communities around the world. A legacy’s imprint on the life, mind, heart, culture, and environment of others is everlasting. To live a life of everlasting significance is no easy task and cannot be done alone. For the Class of 2023 to truly achieve the honor of Legacy they will need to pull tightly together with one another, drawing upon each other’s strengths, creating the weight to support each other’s weaknesses. And yet while it is the power of their collective weight that will leave the lasting imprint on our school community, it is not their responsibility alone to create it. From the entirety of every school division and association – Preschool, Elementary, Secondary, Student Life, Operations, and Parent League – all of us at HC hold the responsibility to, in some way, ensure that HC’s first Senior Class earns the deserving stature of Legacy.

So, march on Trailblazers!  Be inspired by the message of our school year theme – Solidarity: Growing Stronger Together. Believe that young or old, we all have the innate power, and I believe responsibility, to help others reach their true destiny in life. We all hold the power to teach, and that is by word and by deed to bring people closer; closer together, inevitably closer to where they ought to be in their own respective lives.

Carol Santos

Founding Head of School

Dear scholars,

Greetings! Welcome back to the campus for a whole new school year.

We’ve all been through a lot during the first half of the year due to the pandemic. Home quarantine, online study, video calls, we resign to living in a limited space with much less freedom to enjoy. Yet there were a lot to be noticed. We saw the strength of the whole people in the fight with the pandemic and the importance of scientific research represented by medical research on diseases. We also realized how fragile and helpless life is in the face of viruses. It reveals that to conquer diseases and crises, we need to study and develop science and to respect, protect, and live in harmony with the nature. That’s the only way toward a peaceful and healthy future.

Real life tells us that future opens and belongs to those who have ideals, ambition, study hard and possess real learning. I have some words for G1-6 scholars: elementary school is vital for laying a good foundation. Rule consciousness, good conduct, good manner, sympathy, curiosity and especially good learning habit are all cultivated from an early age. So, work hard, respect your teachers and care about your classmates. I hope you all become lively and praiseworthy scholars.

For G7-9 scholars, you’re experiencing the first significant change in your life, walking out of childhood and entering teen years. You’ll experience more mental changes than physical changes. Your independent cognition is developing, so does your value judgement criteria. Your outlooks on life, value and the world begin to take shape during middle school stage, your independence begin to develop. It’s vital for you now to make academic preparation and develop scientific and humanistic qualities for the next stage. I hope you keep a passion for life and nature while progressing in your study, always be curious about the unknown, and have a heart of teenager brightness.

For G10-12 scholars, you’ve come to a stage where you begin to create your own future. You may not be aware that you’re weaving and painting your future life. Remember that your future is not granted by your parents. Your harvest tomorrow is determined by the effort you pay today, and your future is determined by your ideals and ambition. I hope you have reverence for learning, sharpen your critical thinking, and possess solid knowledge and scientific research methods which are the key to the future. Set your goals, strengthen your will, and bring your ideals into practice. You shall become graduates excellent in both character and learning, graduates who will make Dipont Huayao’s name shine in the future.

Dear scholars, do remember your teachers’ instructions, and strive to become a talent of the future with your roots in Chinese national spirit and your eyes on the international community. Live a happy, healthy and fruitful life here!

Lu Guangyuan

Chinese Principal