Whole Child Education

新学期寄语 | Welcome letter from Secondary School (中学篇)

Dear All:

Welcome to the beginning of 2022-23 for Dipont Huayao Collegiate’s Secondary School!

We are excited to be unveiling ONE SECONDARY SCHOOL this year—one organization for grades 7-12 that has one philosophy; that is, we offer the best of holistic education.  Our school does not only focus on academics but also emphasizes the arts, athletics, student organizations and competitions, and social-emotional learning.  Our Secondary School is united from grades 7-12 by our desire to offer the best of Chinese and international education models and to nurture and produce scholars who are ethical, resilient, globally oriented, and effective communicators.

With a grades 7-12 school division this year, families will experience a seamless curriculum and instructional strategies and enjoy faculty who teach across the grade levels.  The teacher for each course is chosen whose background and skills fit that assignment.  A terrific chemistry teacher, for instance, might be the instructor for grade 6 chemistry and grade 10 introductory high school chemistry, and for the upper Advanced Placement levels.

In addition, our outstanding Life Block, advising, and college counseling programs span grades 7-12.

Differentiation—meeting scholars at their own readiness and ability levels—has expanded this year at the Secondary School.  There are now four Flexible Learning Groups for almost every course in grades 7-9, so four different approaches for scholars to meet the same objectives and standards.  In addition, there are functioning Enriched Advanced Placement courses in the upper grades this year:  research and seminar opportunities in specialized topics beyond the AP, like Organic Chemistry and Marine Science and Film History.

In 2022-23, we will share more as a community.  Advising has expanded to two full periods a week, and all scholars will share in an all-school assembly every Thursday, a period devoted to outside speakers and performances, our own scholars’ performances, teacher perspectives on various topics, and meaningful student speeches.

Please join us on September 23rd, 1:45 to 3:15 p.m., as we welcome fourteen representatives of international colleges and universities, who will talk to grades 7-12 parents on a variety of higher-education topics.

I look forward to hearing from you with questions or comments at jeff.walkington@dipont-hc.com.  Again, welcome to a wonderful year at HC!

Sincerely yours,

Jeff Walkington, Ph.D.

Secondary School Principal