Whole Child Education

Welcome to Huayao Preschool’s Third Cohort

In our preschool, the act of entering starts well before the child’s first day.

On August 26th, all our staff gathered to welcome our new families joining us this year at our annual transition to preschool presentation. This, however, was not their first visit. For many of these families it was their third, fourth, or even sixth visit.

You see, at HuaYao, we believe enrolling a child in preschool is more than just a simple transaction. We know that families are trusting us to work with them to build the architecture of their young child’s brain—a privilege and a huge responsibility.

Relationships underpin our entire program. We understand the importance of building relationships with all our families and cherish our parents’ roles as their children’s first teachers.

We have a detailed placement process that begins with meeting every family to learn more about their child’s growth. We consider many factors including a child’s current development level, parental involvement, and future growth areas. This careful process, which seeks to understand each child and family’s specific history, ensures a strong foundation and unites every family, whether from China or abroad.

This year our newly enrolled families join a community that largely consists of founding families—those who trusted us long ago when our preschool was little more than a vision. Entering the third year, we are still humbled by our roots and excited about the journey ahead. Each year, our annual gathering of current and new families captures the school-wide theme of solidarity.

Our preschool takes great pride in sharing and building upon this rich foundation of identities, values, and traditions. We have high expectations for our children and teachers, beginning with a strong, capable, and resilient child’s guiding image. This image unites the program with practice and underpins the preschool’s every aspect—from how mealtimes unfold, to creating classroom environments and allotting times devoted to lesson and play (including an enrichment program led by a specialist team with expertise in music, football, PE and swimming).

This is the Dipont Huayao Preschool vision, and we are so excited to continue this journey with our many founding families and warmly welcome our new families to share and develop this image with us.

Welcome to our preschool!