Whole Child Education


In 2023, Dipont Huayao Collegiate School Kunshan officially launched the “HC Scholarship” programme. It is hoped that this will inspire all current scholars and students who wish to study at HC to go beyond themselves and pursue excellence, setting an example for other scholars to follow.

  • Dipont Navigation Scholarship
  • Principal’s Nomination Scholarship
  • Subject Competition Scholarship
  • Testing Achievement Scholarship

The different scholarship programmes are designed to find you with excellent character and talent.




Dipont Navigation Scholarship

Dipont Navigation Scholarship is one of Dipont Education Group Named Scholarships. Awarded scholars will receive a full/half/quarter Scholarship. The number of winners of the Dipont Navigation Scholarship is in principle set at 10% of the total number of scholars in the grade (subject to slight fluctuation), and the ratio of full, half, and quarter awards will be 1:3:6.

*Note: Full scholarship is the full amount of tuition fee for the current academic year, etc.

Suitable Applicants

1. HC Current Scholars: G9-G12 scholars who have completed one full year of study at HC and have demonstrated excellence in academics, leadership, and responsibility.

2. Students attending other international (internationalized) schools/international programs: Outstanding students who apply to HC for G9 and above.

3. Overseas students: Outstanding students who apply to HC for G9 and above.

4. Other students: G9 students with excellent performance in Zhongkao in their respective regions, or outstanding students who are enrolled in provincial key high schools.




Principal’s Nomination Scholarship

The Principal’s Nomination Award will be awarded in the amount of up to CNY 10,000.

1. Principal’s Nomination Award (CNY 10,000): One each from the Elementary School division, Middle Grades, and Upper Grades.

2. Division Principal’s Nomination Award (CNY 5,000): 10% of the total number of the Elementary School division, Middle Grades, and Upper Grades.

Suitable Applicants

HC scholars from Elementary School to Secondary School who have completed one academic year at HC School and have excelled in the past year in all aspects of the academic program, LifeBlock program, and domain of student behavior.




Subject Competition Scholarship

Subject Competition Scholarship will be awarded up to CNY 50,000.

Suitable Applicants

1. Scholars of G7 and above at HC.

2. Non-current students applying to HC from G7 to G12 have got enrolled.

3. Second prize or above in competitions organized by education departments of provinces (or municipalities directly under the Central Government) and above, with below items for reference (including but not limited to) :


4. Students who have won significant awards in recognized international competitions.




Testing Achievement Scholarship

Testing Achievement Scholarship will be awarded in the amount of CNY 5,000 to 20,000.

Suitable Applicants

Students who have achieved excellent scores on standardized tests such as TOFEL JUNIOR, Duolingo, IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, SSAT, ACT, etc., including:

1. Current G6 to G12 scholars at HC.

2. Non-current students applying to HC school from G6 to G12 and eventually got enrolled.



How to Apply

Scan the QR code to apply

Additional transcripts should be submitted when the applicant obtains for current scholars;

Current year Zhongkao students may submit additional scores when obtain the Zhongkao results.