Whole Child Education

Beginning with the end in mind

Preschool is a child’s first experience of life away from home and parents. Our preschool treats children as scholars who are beginning their journey toward achieving our Upper School graduate Keys to Success. We teach children how to learn and develop the foundational habits of mind for successful learning throughout their educational experience.

Key Components

Our innovative approach to preschool education ensures learning is targeted, authentic and responsive to scholars’ needs, thoughts and ideas. Some key components underpinning our learning program include:

Relationship building

Relationships are fostered through a supported social model of learning that allows scholars to practice self-regulation, fairness and compassion.


Our strong focus on language acquisition empowers our scholars to communicate effectively in two languages.


We have expanded the traditional ideas of language acquisition to include emotional, cultural and critical literacy.

Intellectual rigor

We facilitate this by encouraging “why” type questions that cause scholars to exercise skills such as predicting, hypothesizing and investigating.

Key Features


Whole Child Education


Co-teaching approach


Research-based practice


Parental involvement