Whole Child Education

Student Life Program

Complementing the rigorous and relevant academic program, our comprehensive and well-integrated student life program supports scholars to develop the social skills and strength of character needed to become highly competent and ethical local and global leaders.

As a result of our integrated curriculum, scholars are empowered to develop:

Strong self-advocacy skills

– gained through advisory sessions, encouraging classroom practice and a student leadership program.


– gained through identity work including personality inventories, strengths surveys, reflection and feedback from teachers and peers.

The ability to work with a broad range of people

– gained through athletics, group work, residential life, student leadership and service projects.

Empathy for others

– gained through on- and off-campus service work, building relationships, embodying a caring attitude toward others.

Grit and determination

– gained through athletics, performing arts, challenging and rigorous academic work, cooperative challenges.

School spirit

– gained through supporting our athletes, actors, musicians and dancers, taking part in performances, fun activities and regular school traditions.

Scholars are supported in their progression through the student life program by a system of support that includes the following initiatives:


Scholars are paired with a ‘school parent’, a teacher or teaching fellow who helps them gain the most from their education and PLP

Community Hall

Held at least once per month for scholars and educators to come together to honor progress, traditions, cultural practices and community values.

Study Hall and Life Period

In supervised study hall sessions, scholars practice good study habits. During the life period, academics are complemented by co-curricular enrichment programs.

Parent University

Held monthly for parents to learn about our whole child education program and how to supplement learning at home.