Whole Child Education


Route Schedule


The local bureau of education will confirm the final route and start date. The arrival/departure time of every stop is going to be announced after one week running. Please wait your bus at the stop in advance as soon as possible, especially the first week.

中小学线路:(Route – Elementary/Middle/Upper School)

昆山一线 ( Kunshan – Line 1)
站点线路:长江路朝阳路公交站 — 长江路祝家厍公交站 — 同丰路桃花江路)– 樾河路公交首末站)– 学校

昆山二线( Kunshan – Line 2)
站点线路:冠军路凌家路公交站 — 鹿城路前进路公交站 — 前进路思常路公交站 — 金色森林公交站 — 新华舍公交站 — 学校

昆山三线( Kunshan – Line 3)
站点线路:棕榈湾公交站 — 国际华城公交站 — 轨道交通光明路公交站 — 学校

站点线路:世纪苑西公交站 — 上海公馆公交站 — 和兴东城公交站 – – 时代大厦公交站 — 前进路东城大道公交站 — 学校

上海嘉定线(Shanghai Jiading)
站点线路:云屏路双丁路公交站 — 学校

幼儿园线路:(Route – Preschool)

站点线路:冠军路凌家路公交站 — 鹿城路前进路公交站 — 前进路思常路公交站 — 金色森林公交站 — 清风华院公交站 — 萧林路林荫路公交站 — 学校


Scholars behavior expectation on bus

  • 学生上车前请配合体温检测,如体温等于或大于 37.2℃,请勿上车。
    Please follow the body temperature check procedure before boarding the bus. If temperature ≥ 37.2℃,Scholars will not be allowed to get on the bus.
  • 学生乘车时须在座椅上坐好, 中途不可更换座位,不得随意走动。
    Scholars are required to remain in their seats and are not allowed to change seats any time during the trip.
  • 为了学生的安全全程须系好座椅上的安全带,不得打开窗户,将头、手伸出窗外。
    For safety reasons, seat belt must be fastened at all times. Under normal circumstances, all windows must be closed and scholars are not allowed to stick hands, head or any part of the body out of the windows.
  • 请勿携带尖锐器具或者危险品上车。
    Please do not bring sharp objects or dangerous items on the bus.
  • 请勿携带宠物或其他动物上车。
    Please do not bring pets or other animals on the bus.
  • 开车时请勿与驾驶员说话或做出任何容易分散驾驶员注意力的事情,例如:叫喊、吵闹、丢掷物品等等。
    Please do not talk to the driver while the bus is in motion. Improper behavior of scholars like shouting, quarreling, throwing objects, etc. on the bus can distract the attention of the driver.
  • 学生上学应提前 5 分钟到站,放学时家长应同样提前 5 分钟在站点等候。校车会按照路线表的时间准时发车,过时不候。
    The school bus arrives at and departs from the designated place according to the bus schedule. Scholars should be at the bus stop 5 minutes before in the morning, so as parents in the afternoon. No waiting, the school bus departs on time.
  • 保持车内卫生,车上不可吃喝食品饮料、不可乱扔垃圾。
    Keep the bus clean. Eating or drinking is prohibited on school bus.
  • 学生乘坐学校校车必须尊重校车司机和跟车人员,听从司机和跟车人员的劝导。
    Scholars should show respect and always listen to the driver and bus attendant.
  • 如果学生在校车上表现不佳,或者违反校车规定,跟车员会将情况报告给学生发展办公室。如果初犯,学生将被提醒;如情况严重,则会通知家长;如果学生再次违规,或者其行为严重影响到他人的安全,学生将会在一段时间内或无期限禁止其乘坐校车。
    If a scholars is misbehaving or not following the rules on the bus, the bus attendant will inform the scholars life office. Initially, the scholars will be spoken to and reminded, and for more serious incidences, the parents will be informed. If the behavior continues, or in cases of serious incidences which affect the immediate safety of others, the scholars may be asked to stop taking the bus for a period of time or even indefinitely.


Charging Information


After receiving your school bus application, the School will send you a Notice of Payment, and bus service can only be started after settlement of full payment. We will try our best to accommodate all requests, although in some very rare cases, bus service cannot be provided either due to unavailable seating or bus route access. Therefore, your payment does not guarantee bus service. If for some reason the bus service cannot be arranged, we will notify you as early as possible and refund your full school bus fee payment.


School Bus fee payment will be calculated for the full month in which the scholars starts bus service, regardless of which day of the month the service starts. Full payment will be charged in advance based as a full semester.


The school bus fee will be adjusted to follow the government or school policy changes.

Charge Standard
Kunshan & Taicang
1400 元/月
1400 RMB/Month
1800 元/月
1800 RMB/Month