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NOI 2022,最燃的赛事正在招募志愿者!最酷的你,来吧!

Q. NOI是什么?

     What is NOI ?

A. NOI,全国青少年信息学奥林匹克,国内包括港澳在内的省级代表队最高水平的大赛。

    NOI, the National Olympiad in Informatics, is the informatics competition with highest levels within our country. Participants are provincial teams coming from all over the country including Hong Kong and Macao.


Q. NOI 的选手是谁?

     Who are the NOI participants?

A. 来自全国30个省队的500名顶尖信息学奥赛选手。

     500 top Informatics Olympians from 30 provincial teams across the country.


Q. NOI 今年是第几届?

     Which session is the one of this year?

A. 1984年举办了第一届 NOI,今年将举办第39届。

     The first NOI was held in 1984 and this year it will be the 39th.


Q. NOI 的举办日期和地点?

     When and where will NOI be held?

A. 第39届 NOI 的举办日期为2022年8月20日-8月27日

     The 39th NOI will be held from August 20th to 27th, 2022.


     The venue will be Kunshan, China.


Q. NOI 需要什么样的志愿者?

     What kind of volunteers does NOI need?

A. 愿意投身这场超燃赛事的你 !

     We will need those who are willing to participate in this great event.

     希望有志愿者工作体验,具有服务精神和尚佳沟通能力的你 !

     We will need those who possess volunteer work experience, those who are with service spirits and good communication skills.

     正在就读高中或大学的你 !

     We will need those who are currently in high schools or colleges.


Q. NOI 的志愿者做哪些工作?

     What will NOI volunteers do?



     [Before the competition] Participate in training, participants reporting, registration and guidance, material preparation and distribution.



     [During the competition] Participate in the security check of participants and the maintenance of order in the competition venue, working as the assistants of the management module of each participant, and make a timely reporting of emergency situations on the scene.


     Assist in the preparation and on-site guidance of the opening and closing ceremonies.


Q. NOI (2022,第39届)志愿者工作时间周期是什么?

     What is the NOI (2022, 39th session) volunteer working time cycle?

A. 报到与培训:2022年8月19日

     Registration and training: August 19th, 2022


     Volunteer work date: August 20th – 26th, 2022


     The Organizing Committee of the NOI will provide the volunteers with food and accommodation (and workwear)during their work.


Q. NOI 的志愿者将有怎样的收获?

     What will the NOI volunteers gain?

A.  直观感受全国顶尖的信息学学霸竞技;

                 Intuitively feel the competition performed by national top informatics students.


      Communicate and cooperate with top event managers, and immerse yourself in the management process of large-scale events and activities.


      Volunteer Service Certificate issued by the event organizer (Bilingual, Chinese and English).

Q. NOI 优先录用什么样的志愿者?

     What kind of volunteers does NOI give priority to?

A. 可以全程或部分连续参与志愿者工作的同学。

     Students who can participate in the whole or part (continiously) of the volunteer work.


     Scholars in Upper School of Dipont Huayao Collegiate School Kunshan.


Q. NOI 志愿者工作信息与报名方式?

    NOI volunteer work information and registration methods?

A. 【工作地点】昆山狄邦华曜学校

✦ 学校位于江苏昆山,主办方会为志愿者提供国际学校宿舍住宿。

      [Work place] Dipont Huayao Collegiate School Kunshan

✦ The school is located in Kunshan, Jiangsu Province. The organizers will provide international school dormitory rooms for volunteers.


✦ 可选具体日期或全选,主办方将优先录用可工作连续时间的志愿者;8月19日为志愿者报到与培训。

     [Working hours]From August 19th to August 26th, 2022

✦ The organizer will give priority to the volunteers who can work continuously; Registration and training for volunteers will commence on August 19th.

    【报名截止日期】2022年8月4日 24:00

     [Registration deadline] 24:00 mid-night, August 4th, 2022


     [How to registerIf you are interested, please scan the QR code and fill in the volunteer registration form. The competition staff will contact you by phone as soon as possible.